Emma Loop and her Multinipples

May 10, 2006

alien3.JPGHave you ever thought about upgrading yourself?

How about more fingers (fells like petting with spiderman)? Or maybe simplified nostrils (great when you have a cold)? Would you prefer more nippels (great for.. you know what)?

At Human Upgrades they can make you an alien in no time.

Too bad they don´t have much services for men. I think that´s not fair. Anyways, I will consult Emma Loop and see what she can do for me.


4 Responses to “Emma Loop and her Multinipples”

  1. Vic Abell Says:

    Do you think she is real person? I think I found her blog:

  2. Dr. Jekyll Says:

    Dear Vic,
    I don´t know how real Emma is or how good her BJs are (and I am sure I will never find out). Her blog doesn´t tell us a lot, also it was just started yesterday. Let´s monitor the bitch.

    Dr. J.

  3. Satisfyingly sick 🙂

    We want clones next dr j, CLONES!

  4. Dr. Jekyll Says:

    Dear Max,

    I am working on it.

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