radioactive man

April 26, 2006

20 years ago the reactor of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl exploded, due to too much vodka inside the operators. As a result the whole area was fucked up, clouds of radioactive particles were blown all over the place. Young Dr. Jekyll had to drink his beer at the bar instead of a beer garden.

I remember our physics teacher telling us all about it, "gamma rays" was the new term to talk about. Mushrooms were banned from the dinner plate.

People were discussing about the poor people over there. I said "What the fuck, the russians are our enemies, aren´t they?" Ugly looks at young Dr. Jekyll…


3 Responses to “radioactive man”

  1. Freund D Says:

    No worries mate.
    Took me twenty years to figure out, why we suddenly stopped drinking our fucking beer out of our fucking boots in 86.
    Now, as I’m much wiser and not using the bad word from above anymore, I know that the good and healthy bloody beer would have been foumed over because of bloody radioactivity.
    Hell, I’m so bloody f**king smart.

  2. greetings dear mr hyde/dr Jekyll,

    I’d like to thank you for making me a link here on your blog, and to inform you that a translation into english of all or most of my posts was already planned and will be available within a few days (not a problem, i am a translator luckily).

    This way you should have a better idea of what the crying fuck it is we’re talking about here in italy (at least, us radical italians).

    Peace out.

  3. Dr. Jekyll Says:

    Greets to you, dear italian translator,

    looking forward to understand more of your radical words!

    See ya´, Dr. J.

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