Kevin Ray Underwood from Oklahoma

April 19, 2006

I could not help it, I was reading in the loserblog all morning.

He is just an average, typical, boring next-door-joe from the US, like there are millions over there and everywhere. He had major depressions, didn´t get a girl, loserjob and loserlife. But when you read his blog, you would usually not think he would kill, rape and try to eat someone.

Of course, the idiots (like me) reading his blog find all kind of shit between the lines. But many other bloggers would have written the same stuff, but kills are zero.


Kevin: Also, everywhere I go, everyone is acting like even bigger bitches and assholes than usual.

Dr. J.: Happens to me all the time.

Kevin: Ok, New Year’s Eve. I got really drunk. Really really drunk.

Dr. J.: Happens every year.

Kevin: I’ve been hugged probably maybe ten times in the last 15 years or so. Most of those by relatives, like grandparents and aunts, and stuff like that. I’ve only hugged two girls that were not relatives, in my entire life.

Dr. J.: Poor loser

Kevin: Then another thing that bothers me is of course the whole sex and relationships thing. I’m 23 and I’ve only had sex once.

 Dr. J.: Superloser

Kevin: I am retarded. Earlier, while standing in front of the bathroom mirror, I put a golf ball in my underwear, and then pulled the underwear tight, so that it looked like I had three testicles. And that was before I started drinking.

Dr.J.: I don´t do this, even when drinking. Two are enough. You are retarded.

But there are a few exceptions, that (reading them now) are suspicious:

Kevin: Today was a great day. I can think of only a few things that could have made it better, but I’m not going to say it, because it’s dirty. So very dirty.

Dr.J.: I think of dirty things too, but not chopping young girls, son of a bitch.

Kevin: I mean it, I really need a girlfriend. It’s not just depressing anymore, it’s actually starting to have a negative effect on my mental state I think. For example, my fantasies are just getting weirder and weirder. Dangerously weird. If people knew the kinds of things I think about anymore, I’d probably be locked away. No probably about it, I know I would be.

Dr.J.: Thats about the time he should have went to a specialist…

Anyways, it´s all pretty average and normal. He wrote in good english (as far as I can say), expressed a lot of his feelings and thoughts. But then the loserbrain snapped and went overboard. Why? I don´t feel sorry for the loser, just wonder how it happens. The Yankees will find a punishment, which he deserves.

My sympathy is with the family of Jamie Rose Bolin


21 Responses to “Kevin Ray Underwood from Oklahoma”

  1. i think someone’s deleting comments on underwwod’s blog, i can only see 494 comments out of 786. Anbd i can’t see my own comment or what people answered back, which would have been amusing.

  2. Dr. Jekyll Says:

    You have to click on comments, scroll down and then click on “Post a comment” to see all the 786 entries.
    It´s all just proving how stupid the yankees are, comment by comment…

    Greetings to bella italia, Dr. J.

  3. haha yes yes now I saw it. They don’t have much to say, these yankees.

    Anyhow, I like this blog you have here, so I think I’ll link it in my blog, and maybe I’ll drop by and comment every now and then.

    Have a wonderful day

  4. Dr. Jekyll Says:

    You are very welcome. I will check for more english entries in your blog as well, my italian is a little rusty…

    great day to you as well, Dr. J.

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  7. lokimikoj Says:


    Such is life.

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