Dr. Jekylls sunday afternoon

March 5, 2006

Today I´m up to do something, that I haven´t done for a while: Just nothing!

I first decided to stay home all day, after seeing the masses of snow outside. So I had coffee this morning and a bite to eat, while I watched a story about Stephen Hawkings on TV.
I still don´t understand, why people worry so much about finding a universal formula describing the damn universe. Of course I am far away from understanding physics any deeper than what they told my at University (actually not even that), and I probably never will. Still interesting to watch this bright minds discussing their ideas, and for some reason I am glad there are new Einsteins.
Getting curious what the town looked like, all covered in white, I got dressed and went for a walk around town. Bloody hell, the batteries of my camera were dead, so the views were only captured in my mind. I walked around for a while, asking myself, why some of the roads and walkways were cleaned, and others, that would have made more sense, were not.
Unfortunately half of the town had the same freaking idea, so the sightseeing was half the fun.
Having Mr. Hyde in my neck, I thought how much fun it would be to get a little buzz at noon and enjoy it. So I went to the local pub and had a pint with some fish and chips. There was almost nobody there, besided two drunks at the bar, a young couple of maybe twenty, checking out each other, and myself. It was nice to see the sun outside, having a Guinness, watch the tow lovebirds smiling at each other, and read a book. (The book is in english by the way, thats why Jekyll decided to write in english)
The feeling of the world beeing a great place got interrupted, when I started watching a man with his two kids outside. They were building an igloo in the middle of the pedestrian area. The two boys, maybe 5 and 8, were putting a lot of effort in their project, and their dad made the engineering. This really made me feel melancholic for a few minutes. For some reason I wanted to be this man, teaching his kids, enjoying them, growing up with them.
Then, thanks god, his wife showed up. She was dressed like a fool (in all colors of the rainbow), and started to give the team hints about how to build the new home. The whole scene was destroyed, I was happy to be where I am, and ordered another Guinness. Thanks bitch, you made my day!


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